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Zionist arrogance persists because it is not pursued

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publish date 2022-08-06 14:47:01

The Syndicate of Nurses and Midwives condemned the Zionist occupation forces’ attack on the besieged Gaza Strip, targeting civilians and killing them in cold blood.
It said in a statement that the attack confirms with conclusive evidence the bloody and terrorist image of the occupying entity of destroying, intimidating and killing civilians in light of a shameful Arab and international silence that carries double standards when it comes to the entity’s bombing of Palestine.
She indicated that the Syndicate Council stands by our people in Gaza in their right to self-defense and to deter this Zionist arrogance, which has become indulged in its arrogance because of its failure to pursue it and stop it on its own.
The union called on Arab governments and the government of the Kingdom to assume their responsibilities in exposing the crimes of the occupation
Stop all forms of normalization with the enemy, review and veto all treaties concluded with it, such as the Gas Agreement, the Wadi Araba Agreement, and any projects with the usurping entity, and put an end to such crimes.
It also called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in protecting the defenseless people of Gaza and Palestine as a whole against this Zionist arrogance and to hold the entity accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian people.
She indicated that the Arab and Islamic peoples are well aware and absolutely believe that Palestine is purely Arab and Islamic and that there is no Zionist presence in it, and it rejects any normalization with this occupying entity and criminalizes it.

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