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The National Council for Supporting the Resistance condemns the brutal Zionist aggression on Gaza

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publish date 2022-08-06 10:53:00

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The National Forum to Support the Resistance and Protect the Homeland announced its condemnation and standing in the face of the brutal Zionist aggression on Gaza and the Jordanian people’s support for the resistance and its absolute right to respond and push back the aggression.

In a statement issued by the National Forum, the National Forum said:compassA copy of it: The gangs of the Zionist entity confirm once again that killing, destruction and aggression against all standards and covenants are its permanent approach, which they do not deviate from. And that the morals that the West pays lip service to under the leadership of the United States of America is nothing but immoral hypocrisy that continues to support aggression and murder as long as it is a Zionist; Then it soon turns into condemnation and denunciation and the decisions of the United Nations when it comes to slandering a Zionist who raped Palestine, or a Western informant who was arrested.

The statement added, “It is the double standards, the persistence of peoples, and the disregard for all the lessons of history that have confirmed time and time again that the peoples fighting against injustice are definitely victorious; The rush of some Arab regimes towards normalization and alliance with Zionism is moving in the same direction, as it stubbornly opposes the facts of history and geography and stands in the face of all the values ​​of its peoples, and gives free cover again and again to this aggression that does not depend on Palestine and Gaza.

He added, “Today, as the occupier bets on splitting the ranks of the resistance, we affirm that resistance is a humanitarian, moral, national and Islamic duty, not just a matter of Palestinian consensus; Rather, it is the subject of Arab, Islamic and humanitarian consensus, no matter how normalization regimes try to wipe out the occupier.

He stressed that, based on that, we at the National Forum to Support the Resistance call upon all popular forces and the masses of our Jordanian people to express by all means our standing with our brothers and people stationed in Palestine and our heroes in the resistance in Gaza in particular; And our standing in the face of the brutal aggression on Gaza today, and our people in Nablus, Jenin and Jerusalem over the past months.

The statement concluded by saying: “Our unity and solidarity will always remain our weapon for steadfastness and victory, no matter how high the wave of aggression.”


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