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The “Civil Service” announces the suspension of receiving applications for graduates of 39 majors (names)

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publish date 2022-08-06 13:02:24

The Compass – The head of the Civil Service Bureau, Sameh Al-Nasser, said on Saturday that 39 specializations are classified as idle (not required); in universities and civil society colleges; It will stop receiving it for everyone who registered with it after 2020, in accordance with the provisions of Article 40/b in the Civil Service System No. 9 of 2020.

Al-Nasser added during a press conference to launch the study of supply and demand indicators for scientific disciplines in the civil service for 2022, professions and jobs that will disappear and others that will be developed during the coming period; The Diwan prepares universities and institutes to sense what is required in the coming periods.”

The Civil Service Bureau holds the conference for the purpose of guiding students and their parents towards specializations that are required in the labor market and specializations classified as stagnant (not required), as there is no unemployment among holders of a comprehensive community college diploma between technical and technical disciplines.

And he stated, “Unemployment is concentrated between those holding a university degree and those holding a high school diploma or less.” As there are 61 thousand university engineers in the stock of the Civil Service Bureau.

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