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Opening the door for electronic admission to the programs of vocational training institutes

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publish date 2022-08-06 15:01:00

Today, Saturday, the Vocational Training Corporation announced the opening of admission and registration online for all of the Corporation’s programs for the training year 2022/2023, until next September 11.
In a press statement, the Director General of the Foundation, Engineer Ahmed Mufleh Gharaibeh, said that the admission and registration plan is based on electronic submission through the approved registration link (https:ereg.vtc.gov.jo), which will be published on the official page of the Foundation and the media.
He added that the electronic admission and registration process came as a continuation of the digital transformation process and the use of technology based on the principle of (Green skills) in line with the directives of His Majesty the King and His Highness the Crown Prince, and their interest in developing the vocational training system to comply with international and global standards.
Gharaibeh indicated that the foundations and instructions for admission were predetermined, and that the institution’s capacity is more than 10,000 male and female trainees, while its operational capacity is about 20,000 trainees.
And he indicated that the training areas in the institution for this year include a number of professional families, including: energy, pharmaceutical industries, water and environment, chemical industries, maintenance of vehicles, buses, heavy and light machinery, metals and general mechanical maintenance, general electricity (powers), electronics, secretarial and printing work, Barbering and beauty, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitary installations, traditional and handicraft industry, information systems, computer maintenance and information technology, hotels, restaurants and tourism, textile and leather industries, printing and binding, carpentry, upholstery and decoration, gold and jewelry making.
He pointed out that, in light of the development of the vocational training system, the Foundation will go to the field of modern technology applications; Such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, robotics programming science, and data management.
For his part, the Director of Admission and Registration at the Foundation, Engineer Amer Salti, said that there are multiple advantages for those enrolled in vocational training institutes, including joining training programs for a small fee, and the trainee obtaining an accredited certificate recognized by the Civil Service Commission, with the diversity and comprehensiveness of training programs to obtain Real job opportunities, in addition to the possibility of replacing the certificate with a certificate of practicing the profession.
He indicated that the conditions for admission and registration are available on the announced electronic link.

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