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9.5 billion, the value of electronic payments last year

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publish date 2022-08-06 16:12:03

The electronic payment sector witnessed positive developments in order to transform into an electronic payment environment, the most important of which is the increase in the use of the mobile payment system, last year, with a rate of 107 percent in the number of transactions executed, and 117 percent in the value of payment operations, compared to 2020, as The number of movements reached 25 million, with a total value of 2 billion dinars.

The Central Governor, Dr. Adel Al-Sharkas, said that the transactions of the system of displaying and collecting bills electronically increased by 51 percent in terms of the number of transactions, and 27 percent in terms of value, as the number of transactions executed during the past year reached 34 million transactions with a total value of 9.5 billion dinars.

He added, in the Sixth Bank report to the payment system in Jordan for the year 2021, which monitors, analyzes and highlights the most important developments in the systems, tools and channels of payment and electronic transfer of funds, that paper payment tools are like checks, whether circulated inside or outside the electronic clearing of checks through submission and disbursement on the bank counter In cash, they numbered 10 million checks, with a total value of nearly 49 billion dinars.

With regard to payment cards issued by banks operating in the Kingdom, their number amounted to about 4.5 million payment cards of various types (credit, debit and prepaid), while the number of cards issued by payment companies and electronic transfer of funds in the Kingdom amounted to approximately 148 thousand. Both types of payment card (credit and prepaid).

With regard to electronic payment channels, Sharkas explained that the number of ATMs in the Kingdom reached 2,195 spread throughout the Kingdom, while the number of POS machines for accepting payment cards at merchants reached 44,314.

And he indicated that there is a noticeable increase in the use of electronic channels affiliated with banks operating in the Kingdom, as the total movements on electronic channels such as ATMs, the Internet, and mobiles accounted for 67 percent of the total payment transactions during the past year, compared to 33 percent made through traditional channels of banks. (Counter).

He indicated that the issuance of this report came to shed light on the organizational and legislative development of the national payment system and its components during 2021. The report also includes the most important statistical indicators related to the electronic payment systems, tools and channels used, which reflect the reality of the payments sector in Jordan.

He pointed out that this report was distinguished by an overview of the global payment systems adopted by the Central Bank during 2021, and topics in the new financial innovations that took place on the national payment system and its components in Jordan, indicating that the report provides reliable and up-to-date information for researchers, decision makers and investors to benefit from it in developing and promoting The use of electronic payment systems and channels in the Kingdom.

Al-Sharkas stressed the importance of this report, which is a primary source of information related to the national payment system and its components, and was prepared based on international practices and standards in this regard to reflect the Central Bank’s strategy to support the transition to an electronic payment environment, including support for available and applicable modern payment initiatives, in order to achieve royal visions and aspirations. The Supreme Council aims to support the transition towards a comprehensive and developed digital economy, in addition to achieving the Central Bank’s objectives, which include creating a secure and efficient national payment system that contributes to enhancing the stability of the financial system and providing sufficient statistical data on payment systems, tools and channels in Jordan.

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank will continue to issue and develop this report in line with international best practices, taking into consideration the developments in the national payments sector in terms of systems, tools, electronic payment channels, electronic funds transfer, legislation and relevant legal frameworks.

More details can be found in the Jordan Payments System Report for the year 2021 on the website of the Central Bank of Jordan (www.cbj.gov.jo).

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