The shock of his age.. a British elderly man was surprised by writing his name incorrectly for 61 years

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An elderly man is stunned after his birth certificate revealed that he has been writing his name wrong all his life, shocking the family alan ghringhar After discovering the 61-year-old grandfather’s birth certificate, which explained to them that his official name was “…alan ghringhar’, as “allan” had been writing in his official papers over the years, including his wedding certificate and driver’s license, all of which bore the name “allan.”


Picked up by Mia Granger, daughter alan The 22-year-old, a video showing the birth certificate with the name section listed as “alanThen I pointed the camera at his face alan who seems a bit confused, and the man was a factory worker from Derby, and seemed to be in disbelief because he and his parents spelled his name in two.”LThroughout his whole life, he even had two tattoos of his name on his arm.

birth certificate
birth certificate

Mia shared the video on an app TikTok“He’s been writing his name wrong all his life,” she wrote, and the video collected more than 14,000 views and comments from viewers who shared their own experiences on the birth certificate.

One said: “I’ve always written my name with just one word, then found out four years ago my name had a hyphen.” Another wrote: “My nanny found out her name was actually Jane, not Margaret, when she needed her birth certificate for the marriage.”

what he said alan: “I couldn’t believe it.. I’ve been spelling my name like that all my life.. and when my daughter said it was wrong, I was shocked and couldn’t believe it.. and I think it was a mistake on the birth certificate because my mother didn’t let me go to school and she spelled my name on this.. Grammar.”


tattoo alan
tattoo alan


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