In order to be deprived.. a Chinese court forces a woman to pay 560,000 dollars to the wife of her lover

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A Chinese court recently issued a controversial ruling, as it fined a woman 3.79 million yuan ($560,000) to the wife of her lover, because their relationship was not recognized by law. He gave it to her during their affair, and the court sided with the woman, and ordered her husband’s mistress to pay her a whopping 3.79 million yuan.

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According to documents issued by the People’s Court of Jiuanhe in Liaoning Province, northeast China, the plaintiff, a woman named Li, and her husband, Wang, have been married since 1991, and in 2008 Wang began an extramarital affair with another woman. Two years ago, Li learned about her husband’s relationship, after she discovered that he was sending her money regularly, according to what was published by the Oddity Center.


Wang admitted to his affair and told his wife that he also had a 10-year-old son from his lover and that he had been supporting them for years. Evidence presented in court showed that Wang transferred 1.47 million yuan, equivalent to $217,000, to his lover between 2013 and 2020, and bought two apartments. A total of 1.45 million yuan, or 214,000 dollars, was given to her, and he also gave her a car worth 128,000 dollars.

The mistress argued that she did not know that Wang was married and that the money she received from him over the years went to child support, but the court said that this issue was about the ownership of assets and not about child support, and Chinese law stipulates that neither party to the marriage can spend the property The general public of the couple without the consent of the other party, and since Li never agreed to Wang’s “gifts”, the mistress now has to return 560,000 US dollars to her lover and his wife.


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