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We must confront events that provoke God’s wrath in Jordan

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publish date 2022-08-05 13:58:56

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Former MP Mustafa Al-Assaf confirmed that the nation is going through a pivotal stage, a stage of a fractious struggle between right and wrong, pointing to the attempt to pass many projects and laws that target the faith and values ​​of this nation.

Regarding the announcement of an “Israeli” company to hold a party for gays in tourist areas in Jordan, Al-Assaf commented in a statement to “Al-Bawsala,” saying, “The tongue suffices for the article. We ask God Almighty to preserve Jordan and its people, their culture, morals and value.”

The former MP added, “This is one of the fierce battles being waged against the nation and its values, and it is our duty now, which is the duty of all Jordanians, with all their positions and institutions, and from all groups, whether individuals, clans, civil society organizations, and so on, to stand up to these attacks.”

Al-Assaf indicated that targeting values ​​and morals is one of the issues that unite people, and if morals are targeted, values ​​will go and societies will be destroyed,” stressing the sanctity of the act promoted by Israeli tourism companies to set up trips for gays in Jordanian tourist areas.

He said, “The original is that we confront these activities by enjoining good and forbidding evil, because Jordan has a clear Islamic culture, and this act will fail, adding: “It is clear that they came to the wrong place. and falsehood.”

The announcement, which was circulated on social media platforms and the media, and issued by a company affiliated with the occupation, to organize a trip for “gay” gays to tourist areas in Jordan, sparked great anger and indignation.

One of the tourism companies in the Zionist entity published an advertisement to organize a group trip for gays in Jordan and the occupied entity.

“Join us for a 14-day gay group tour in Israel and Jordan and experience Tel Aviv Pride like a true VIP,” the company’s announcement read.

According to the announcement, “During this group tour, you will enjoy the best hotels the area has to offer as well as paid access to the most important pride parties in Tel Aviv and transportation to the most exclusive places in and around Jordan. The Tel Aviv Gay Pride Premium tour will include stays in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Amman, the Dead Sea, Aqaba and Wadi Rum as well as trips to the most stunning and iconic destinations in Israel and Jordan.”

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