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Many of us love some stars and celebrities from all over the world, especially those who have passed away at a young age. “, who specializes in the field of digital art, in imagining some celebrities who left our world at the age of youth, the features of their faces in the event that they live among us until now, according to the website “Brightside”.

Through artificial intelligence, the artist tried to Hidreley Diao Show the features of the departed artists and how they would look with their age with traces of time on their faces, and among the celebrities whom the artist re-imaged in their new form, Princess Diana, beloved by all, and whose unfortunate departure the world mourned, and the star of temptation, the beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe, who was a singer and actress Film producer, and famous pop legend Michael Jackson.

The Brazilian artist continued to imagine images of celebrities, including Elvis Presley, or as he was called the king of rock and an American singer, songwriter and actor, action hero Bruce Lee who passed away in his prime, and American actor Paul Walker, Prince Rogers Nelson, who was known for his multiple talents. English musician John Lennon, a former Beatle, and rapper Tupac Shakur.


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