High school result.. Tips to get rid of anxiety while waiting for the result

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The result of high school is the thing that causes anxiety the most for students and their families, and although the life path is long and full of different transitional stages, and each stage needs appropriate capabilities, but what our children need at the high school stage is that we be the main supportive and loving source for them, so we discuss in this report with Mona Shaker, a prisoner counselor and mental health researcher. Some tips to relieve students’ anxiety before the results of high school appear.

Ways to reduce anxiety while waiting for high school results

I love you no matter what the outcome:

We must convey to our children that our love for them is absolute and unconditional and has nothing to do with the percentage that will be obtained as a result. It is to determine the field of education and not its position with you..

A source of safety for them:

It is necessary for our children to feel completely safe from the parents and that the only reaction is acceptance, and from here we will start by choosing what is available and appropriate for the percentage of what he got.

Accept and start over

Parents should say to their children, “The result will appear and the pressure phase that our children have gone through will end, and here we have set our feet on the ground, which shows us a clear practical future for us with its features. ‘, to relieve them of their anxiety.

Their lives, not ours

Parents must remember that their children are not a means through which they achieve their lost dreams, and let them achieve what they dream of, and they are only in their lives supporting them all the time.

Rejoice in them and comfort them

When the result appears, parents must control their feelings and choose their words carefully, so as not to negatively affect the psyche of their children. themselves.

Tips to get rid of anxiety
Tips to get rid of anxiety


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