A confused service: My life is stable, but my dreams are disturbing and I feel that something is missing from me

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“I live a normal and stable life, but for more than a year I have been suffering from disturbing dreams, most of which are about my entire dream looking for my car, workplace or home without finding it. These dreams have not occurred after a crisis and I do not have problems in the family or work. I suffer from breathing problems and then calm down and forget about them after a while. Dreams are a continuous search throughout the dream and worry about not reaching what I am looking for, whether the place of the car, an address or a person.”


We presented the problem to Dr. Samar Kishk, a mental health specialist, who said that many people have many fears that they may not be able to express, and she continued that loss in a dream has many meanings, and it often refers to the loss of something or value. Loss may indicate the labyrinth and confusion of the visionary Towards some of the situations or events that happened to him without resolving them in a way that makes him satisfied with himself.

It also indicates wasting time, effort, or money for useless issues. Loss in a dream may indicate indifference, neglect, or failure to perform some duties, obligations or assumptions, or that the person with the dream suffers from the inability to make a decision in a particular thing. Or he is confused and hates this trait in his personality, which makes all his dreams like this.

As for the owner of the problem, he should focus in his life on finding a solution to his feeling of lack and loss that his dreams translate every day, in addition to recognizing the crisis he is going through by talking with one of those close to him to alleviate his fears, and if the problem still exists, he must go to a specialist so that this does not turn Dreams to obsessive-compulsive disorder in fact.

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