The delay in collecting a quarter of a million for the benefit of Al-Hussein Youth City… and a parliamentary deadline for the Minister of Works

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publish date 2022-08-02 18:33:09

The Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed clarifications and violations related to a number of ministries and departments, within the framework of discussing the reports of the Audit Bureau for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

This came during a series of separate meetings held today, Tuesday, headed by Representative Engineer Muhammad Al-Saudi and in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Audit Bureau Ibrahim Al-Majali and the Director of Reports in the Bureau, Fawzan Al-Wareikat, in order to follow up the work of the committees formed to correct violations and pending clarifications and the measures that have been taken in this regard.

Al-Saudi said that the committee discussed, in its first meeting, the clarifications related to the Ministry of Youth / Al-Hussein Youth City, in the presence of the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry, Yassin Al-Jahawasha and the Minister’s Advisor for Regulatory Affairs Salem Abu Qaoud, which were linked to the accounts of Al-Hussein City for Youth for 2017 and Al-Madina Club, where the clarification related to the club indicated that The total due and uncollected accounts receivable is about 265 thousand dinars, while the total due and uncollected accounts receivable amounted to about 18,715 dinars.

The violations were also related to the bidding of works for a multi-purpose gym, in addition to violations in the car movement department.

With regard to these violations, the committee recommended the follow-up to the collection and recovery of the owed funds and receivables, after Jahawsha and Abu Qaoud clarified that the owed receivables are under collection. Transfer allowances and transfers and correcting the rest of the items according to the rules.

In its second meeting, the committee discussed the clarifications related to the Ministry of Culture and the National Library Department, in the presence of the Ministry’s Secretary General, Hazza Al-Barari, and the Director General of the National Library, Nidal Al-Ayasra, which focused on the cultural bodies and the Creativity Center in the National Library, and the violation of the instructions for granting rewards and incentives.

Regarding these violations, the committee recommended the necessity of amending the deposit system in the National Library to avoid the violations mentioned in this regard and to prevent their recurrence in the future.
Al-Barari and Al-Ayasra, for their part, indicated that all comments received were taken into account and all violations were corrected, and that there is full cooperation with the Audit Bureau and matters are under completion.

In addition, the committee discussed, in the presence of the Director of the Sharia Courts, Samih Al-Zoubi, the violations and clarifications related to the Department of the Chief Justice, which in its entirety are related to the “revenue account”, the restrictions and records of some Sharia courts, movement restrictions and records, and the alimony fund.

The committee decided to give the Al Koura Brigade Sharia Court 10 days to correct its situation and violations, while Al-Zoubi indicated that the violations related to the Sharia Court of the Northern Jordan Valley Brigade and the Sharia Court in Karak were corrected.

The committee also discussed violations and clarifications related to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, in the presence of the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry, Nadia Masalha, the Director General of the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Jumana Attiyat, and the Director General of Government Tenders, Mahmoud Khleifat, which focused on tenders, billboards, the movement department, the disbursement of bonuses, overtime and bonuses in violation of regulations.

Al-Saudi said that “the Finance of Representatives” recommended two months ago the formation of joint committees between the Ministry of Works and the Audit Bureau to correct violations, but today it became clear to us that these committees have not finished their work yet. If they are corrected, the Committee will take the appropriate decision in this regard.

Al-Saudi added that the recent constitutional amendments necessitate that we discuss the reports of the Audit Bureau for the same year, which requires the completion of the discussion of reports, violations and clarifications for the previous years.

He pointed out that paragraph 2 of Article 119 of the constitution states, “The Senate and the House of Representatives shall discuss the report of the Audit Bureau during the session in which it is presented, or at most the next regular session.” and not to be lenient with anyone who trespasses on public money.

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