Freihat interrogates the Minister of Awqaf about disposing of millions of shares in violation of the law

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publish date 2022-08-02 20:46:54

Including renting endowment buildings for only one dinar

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MP Yanal Freihat recently questioned the Minister of Awqaf, Muhammad Al-Khalayleh, about disposing of millions of shares in violation of the law.

Freihat said tocompass“He had previously submitted questions to the Minister of Awqaf about a month ago, and he did not answer any of them.

Freihat added that according to the House of Representatives law, after 30 days of submitting questions to the minister, the question turns into an interrogation.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Abdul Karim Al-Daghmi, had submitted the interpellation of MP Yall Fraihat to the Minister of Endowments on 7/31/2022.

The number of interrogation questions reached 13 questions about the Hajj Fund, the loss of investments on the ministry, the rental of buildings for one dinar, projects for the Orphans Fund Development Department, and endowment lands for the ministry.

Here are the interrogation questions:

Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives

After Greetings
Based on the provisions of Article (96) of the Constitution and pursuant to the provisions of Article (125) of the House of Representatives’ bylaws, please direct the following questioning to the Minister of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places.
Interrogation text:
1- Were two and a half million shares with a market value of “ten million dinars” transferred from the secretariats of Hajj affairs and endowments in violation of Article 32 of the Endowment Law, which stipulates the financial and administrative independence of the fund, despite the existence of a legal fatwa from the Legislation and Opinion Bureau that does not allow So, what is the fate of this money?
2- What is the legal reference for fundraising funds in mosques, and what is the mechanism for controlling them, and are the amounts of money matched with receipts of arrest, and what is the fate of the complaints that reached the ministry in 2019 to report the loss of “tens of thousands of dinars” from donation boxes and the loss of many Books of receipts in the Directorate of Awqaf Amman II specifically?
3- What is the number of projects implemented in the Endowment Funds Development Department during the past five years, and what is the annual return for endowment projects and where is this money spent? Are there endowment lands near the American embassy in Abdoun whose investment has been suspended?
4- What is the value of the valid contract for renting the land of Al-Istiqlal Mall on Al-Istiqlal Street, and is it commensurate with the market value of the mall?
5- What is the mechanism for selecting the contractor for a bid to repair and rehabilitate the fence that was in danger of falling when the source has risen, and what is the financial value of the bid, along with providing me with documents?
6- How much are the investment returns of Safeway Mafraq land, Thaghrat al-Jib land and Cinema Street building in Irbid, and are they consistent with their market value, with documents provided?

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