Two Britons fail to enter the real estate market in their country and buy a historic French village

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In a strange irony, two British gardeners, who couldn’t break into the UK property market, bought an entire French village for 14,000 euros, as Paul Mapley, 47, and Webb Ward, 47, also bought. The historic village of La Bosliere, in April 2021, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

the gardeners

The duo said they had bought a village and had never owned a studio apartment in the UK, but were planning a holiday destination in France. And when the duo discovered an oak barn with an antique apple press, a working well, and a stone-built bakery with a vaulted oven, they said, “It’s the first day of the rest of our lives.”

the two people
the two people

The French village, purchased by the duo Paul and Webb, consisted of six cottages and two barns as well as a two-story workshop, an cider press, and a communal bread oven. The first day of the rest of our lives.

And the report of the British newspaper says, “When the price of the deal reached 14,000 euros, the duo could not believe their luck in concluding the deal, however, they had a huge task ahead because there was no electricity, and the faucet chamber was home to snakes,” according to the report, the duo are now planning To convert it into a luxury destination allotted cottages after renovation and adding a luxury camping site.

French Village
French Village

The village contains 6 houses
The village contains 6 houses

The duo also discovered, three buildings and a water well, which they hoped to use to flush toilets, and the most exciting discovery was Hamlet’s old bakery, and Paul in particular was impressed with its history, it would have been a common place for many families before the French Revolution, so it had to be The baker is available day and night, and Paul said, “I love all that history you know, how many loaves have been cooked in the village over the years, it’s wonderful.”


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