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Parliament refers the rate of the Medical Council law to its health committee

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publish date 2022-08-01 14:19:08

On Monday, the House of Representatives referred the law amending the Jordanian Medical Council Law 2022 to the Health Committee.

The House of Representatives discussed the draft law, which provides for the addition of a paragraph stipulating that whoever is appointed as Speaker of the Council should not be affiliated with any political party.

The draft also stipulated that whoever is appointed as a general commissioner in the council should not be affiliated with any political party.

According to the rationale behind the project, which was reviewed by the “Kingdom”, the Jordanian Medical Council is working under Law No. (17) of 2005 to raise the scientific and practical level of all human doctors and dentists in the Kingdom and rehabilitate them. The functions and powers of the Council and the work of the committees formed in it to enable it to achieve its goals and maintain the distinguished medical level of the Kingdom, and to enable the Jordanian Medical Council to keep pace with developments in the programs of excellence, specialization and fellowship and to approve and expand recognition in new medical specialties that were not previously approved and to restructure these programs, and to include my specialty Clinical Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy are under the umbrella of the Jordanian Medical Council, and to develop the exams of the Jordanian Medical Council by allocating an examination committee for each medical specialty and seeking the assistance of specialized institutions in the field of conducting examinations in qualitative ways, and to determine the categories eligible for exemption from the evaluation of certificates and the presentation of examinations stipulated in this law within the terms and conditions and specific provisions.

The Medical Council is an institution concerned with training and qualifying specialist and general doctors through planning, implementing and supervising scientific programs, plans and academic curricula for the various medical specialties approved by the Medical Council, which leads to obtaining a certificate of higher specialization (Jordanian Board) in various medical and dental specialties.

The specialty certificate (board) issued by the Jordanian Medical Council is considered the highest professional certificate in the Kingdom. Therefore, this national institution is considered an academic scientific institution with distinction, and may only be classified with institutions of higher education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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