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A collective contract that protects the rights of postal workers

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publish date 2022-08-01 21:21:17

Today, Monday, the General Union of Workers in the Public Services, Liberal Professions, Communications and Information Technology signed a collective contract with Jordan Post, which is valid for a period of 3 years, and aims to protect the rights of the company’s employees and preserve their earnings.

About 950 workers will benefit from the contract, at a total cost of 11 million dinars, and it was signed in the presence of the Director of the Directorate of Labor Relations in the Ministry of Labor, Adnan Al-Dahamshe.

Under the contract, which was signed by Khaled Abu Marjoub, representing the union, the general manager, Dr. Khaled Al-Lahham, the legal advisor, Hanadi Al-Tayeb, the director of human resources, Dr. Muayyad Abu Assaf, and the financial director, Hussam Al-Awadi, representatives of the company, the company is coordinating with the health insurance company to reactivate The health insurance service, and work has begun, and the company is also committed to circulating to the Jordan Post Company employees to fill vacancies according to the announced conditions.

The collective contract stipulated the implementation of the Court of Cassation’s decision regarding the payment of an end-of-service gratuity in the amount of one month for each year, regardless of the employee’s service based on the aforementioned court decisions and the Jordan Post Staff Affairs Regulations, and the transfer of deductions for workers affiliated with the union with retroactive effect.

Abu Marjoub praised the efforts of the Labor Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Labor to reach an agreement through direct negotiation that preserves workers’ rights and gains, praising the company’s management’s response to the union’s demands and achieving workers’ demands in an atmosphere of dialogue and common concern for the public interest.

He added, that the union recently sent a letter to the company’s management regarding the workers’ demands and their working conditions, as it represents the workers in the sector, noting that the collective labor contract was organized based on the provisions of the Jordanian Labor Law and was duly deposited in the Ministry of Labor.

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