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10% annual move to open advertising competition

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publish date 2022-07-31 23:19:45

The head of the Civil Service Bureau, Sameh Al-Nasser, said on Sunday that the Service Bureau will annually transfer 10% of waiting lists to the concept of competition through open advertising, and by 20% during the years 2026 and 2027.

Al-Nasser explained to Al-Mamlaka Channel that there will be a gradual transition from the concept of waiting lists and competitive arrangement to an open declaration that will provide everyone with the right to compete according to the operative part of Article 22 of the Constitution as well as other articles.

He explained that the process of accumulating applications in its current sense will end so that the concept of competitions and open advertising will be moved to, which will allow everyone to compete within the concepts of development.

This year, the government is scheduled to form a ministerial committee to oversee the follow-up of the implementation of the roadmap and the executive program to modernize the public sector.

According to data, it is also decided that a unit will be established to manage the implementation of the public sector modernization and digital transformation program, in addition to expanding the functions of the Performance and Achievement Follow-up Unit in the Prime Ministry to include the government’s economic work priorities program, the vision of economic modernization, the public sector modernization program, and the establishment of follow-up units in ministries. and concerned authorities.

Al-Nasser indicated that the bureau will enhance its technical role in providing technical support to government departments, so that it will assume its responsibilities in the procedures related to human resources management, starting with the recruitment and appointment processes and ending with grievances.

Al-Nasser indicated that the Service Bureau will have a key role in monitoring everything related to the application of legislation regulating public service affairs to all agencies that are subject to the civil service system, within the tasks and responsibilities that the executive program will address.

He added that the Service Bureau assigned it the responsibility of developing institutional performance, which was assumed by the Ministry of Public Sector Development.

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