The strangest gifts Queen Elizabeth received… The most prominent dog soap

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Many believe that royal gifts are limited to jewelry and palaces, but in fact, official gifts are very similar to the official property of the Queen, which can be used, where gifts can be used if they are expendable and if their value is less than £ 150, they can be donated to employees or institutions Charity, but other than that it will eventually be integrated into the royal collection, so in the following lines we review some of the most strange things that the Kingdom of Elizabeth received, according to the site “businessinsider” As follows:

Sperm whale teeth:

Every time the Queen visits Fiji, she is given “tapua” – the teeth of a sperm whale – which are considered the most respected gift in the Fijian ceremonial practice of an African country.

Sperm whale teeth

cowboy boots:

Although it is unlikely that the Queen wore the shoes given to her on an official visit to the United States, she is one of the most famous horse enthusiasts. She took her first riding lesson at the age of three and her horses have won more than 1,600 races.


Dog soap:

On Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the former gold-mining town of Ballarat, the beloved Queen was given a bar of dog soap.”Timid JoeAt Tilly, for 40 pence, Elizabeth was known for her love for her dogs, who made them a special menu and classy treatment.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

A pound of salt:

It was customary for the ruler of Salt Island to send the British king a pound of salt in exchange for the island’s rent, if only as a token gift from the island’s rulers to Queen Elizabeth.

a pound of salt
a pound of salt


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