Signs known for hesitation in making decisions, most notably Libra and Cancer

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Some people take a lot of time to think before making an important decision in their professional or social life, and they may feel hesitant and unable to make a decision, which causes them to stop continuing their daily lives, and these are believed to belong to some astrological signs, which we review in this report, according to As mentioned by the siteyourtango“.

Astrological signs are known to hesitate in making decisions


A Libra man finds it difficult to make any decision in his life, because of his constant desire to reach the best possible result, so he thinks all the time about the decision and its consequences, and therefore he is afraid to make a decision that is not in his favor.

Inability to make a decision


Gemini does not want to miss any opportunity that he can take advantage of, and often feels pressure when making any decision, so he discusses it with those around him, and thinks a lot before making the appropriate decision for him.



Cancer makes most of his decisions based on his feelings, as he listens to his heart before his mind in any decision he makes, due to his sensitivity and fear of making any mistake or the exposure of anyone close or dear to him to harm, so he hesitates to make any decision.



Pisces believes in second chances; However, not all of his decisions come with alternatives, so if he rejects a decision that was in his favour, he regrets it all the time, and makes another decision to change it, and he listens to his inner voice when making any decision in his life.


Sagittarius tends to swing when making decisions, until he makes the right decision for him, he also feels fear and anxiety because he always wants success and achievement, so he thinks a lot before making any decision so that he does not feel regret afterwards.


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