How to make Buckwheat Soup.. Spice up your trip with the most famous seafood

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Seafood is one of the best and favorite types of foods for many, as some people want to eat it because it contains many benefits that provide the body with energy, so we review in these lines how to make Bakelwise soup on the way of Chef Fatima Abdel Moneim in an easy and simple way.

How to make Buckley soup

How to make Buckwheat Soup:

the ingredients:


sliced ​​onion

2 garlic cloves

sliced ​​tomato

Sliced ​​green pepper

Salt, black pepper and spices

tablespoon butter

liter of water

How to prepare the bakluise:

The Buckwheat should be washed well with running water until we get rid of the sand in it, then it is soaked for two hours until the Buckwheat kernels open, then we prepare a suitable bowl and add the butter and the Buckwheat and stir for 3 minutes, then add the onions, tomatoes, garlic, pepper, salt and spices, stir all the ingredients, then add the water and leave the soup on Fire for 20 minutes. Serve hot soup with lemon next to a fish or shrimp tagine.

The modus operandi of the gondofli.
The modus operandi of the gondofli.
The way the bakluise works
The way the bakluise works


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