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This is how Jordanian celebrities and activists remembered the Prophet’s migration and congratulated the year 1444

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publish date 2022-07-31 11:57:12

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Muslims around the world celebrated the arrival of a new Hijri year, which is the year 1444 AH.

Dr. Assem Mansour, Director of the King Hussein Cancer Center, said on his Facebook account, “Immigration was not an escape or an attempt for individual survival, but rather a necessary stage in the history of the call that allowed the provision of an incubating environment for this newborn Qabas who was being tossed by the waves of falsehood and blown by the winds of backwardness to return After a few years, a full sun dispelled the pitch of the deep darkness.”

As for the insurance and social protection expert, Musa Al-Subaihi, he wrote on the occasion of the new Hijri year about the first person to normalize social security in history and its upbringing in the Islamic state, after congratulating the year 1444.

Al-Subaihi said through his account on Facebook, “Omar bin Al-Khattab was the first person in history to legalize social security.”

He added, “Social security is an important pillar of social protection and a pillar of social justice in any society, and it was not the first building blocks of security in the tenth century AD in Europe, as many believed, until it crystallized in the form of systems in the nineteenth century in Germany and others, but the seed The first for security was planted by Al-Faruq and the just Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab since the year 634 AD (13 AH). He, may God be pleased with him, laid the foundation stone for the social security system in the state since that famous incident in which he saw an old man begging, so he asked him about his story, and the man told him that he A Jew and does not have the money of the jizya, so he is forced to beg in order to be able to pay it..! Omar said to him: By God, we will not do you justice. We take a young man from you and then waste you an old man. By God, I will give you from the money of the Muslims, so he paid the tribute on his behalf and paid him from the money of the Muslims.

The journalist, Yasser Al-Zaatara, recalled what happened in the Prophet’s migration and what we are currently witnessing of “the spread of a culture of anti-immigrant racism,” as he described it.

Al-Zaatrah said on Twitter, “Being a refugee or an immigrant is an honor, not a shame, and to receive them is not a blessing. Your grandparents were like him, or you and your children will be like him. Humanity was built on migrations and did not know stability.”

The preacher, Dr. Muhammad Saeed Bakr, points to the lesson learned from immigration, asking, “Have the immigrants, refugees from his nation, learned the lesson?”

Bakr said on his Facebook account, “He left the house of his calling (Mecca) crying.. He entered the house of his state (Madina) as a builder and protector.. to return to Mecca victorious, purifying, and conquering.. Thus, the challenge of migration turned into an opportunity.”

Deputy Head of Teachers Syndicate, Dr. Nasser Nawasra, congratulated the new year, saying, “We congratulate you on the new Hijri year, asking God Almighty to bring it back to our Arab and Islamic nation, and it has rid itself of its tyrants and spoilers, and the homelands have been liberated from colonialism in all its forms.”

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