See the most crowded beaches around the world .. “Some of them are crowded even in winter”

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Many people resent the crowdedness of some beaches in the summer, so they have to search for beaches that are less crowded, even if the price of the trip will double, but did you know that there are beaches in the world that receive millions of people daily, so imagine that you are sitting on the beach and you cannot raise your hand and put a towel on you, so In these lines, we review a number of the world’s busiest beaches that will make you more grateful to live or vacation near your city, according to the site “sunshinecoastnews” as follows:

Dalian Beach, China:

Dalian Beach in northeastern China is often referred to as the world’s busiest beach. When the temperature rises, hundreds of thousands of people head to the coast to hydrate themselves by the sea.

Dalian beach in China

Haeundae Beach in South Korea:

Haeundae Beach in South Korea is the small stretch of sand in Busan, when the temperature is rising there, they carry their luggage to go to this beach, and in winter also about 2,000 swimmers go to the beach to celebrate the polar bear festival there.

Haeundae beach in South Korea
Haeundae beach in South Korea

Brighton Beach, England:

Brighton is famous for its painted beach huts, pebbled sand and 4 mile promenade. It is also very popular with Londoners who flee the city only to huddle together like oysters on the sand, and holidaymakers there can exceed 3,000 people, on normal days when On the beach floor there is no shopping gallery.

Brighton Beach in England
Brighton Beach in England

Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro:

Ipanema Beach is located in the upscale neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, where there are sites on its two kilometer stretch of sand that define different subcultures, and on normal days the beach may be packed with more than 5,000 vacationers on hot and sunny days.

Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro
Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro


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