List of movables in Egypt.. Know how its details differ from one governorate to another

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“Furniture, lifts, gold, electrical tools and combinations” are all things, whether they differ in their names or prices, they are items written in the list of marital movables, and they are all customs or a means of insurance for the wife’s life with her husband, but in every governorate in Egypt there is a different way to write this list, so The seventh day reviews the methods of writing the list in some governorates and villages of Egypt as follows:


Samira Suleiman, a Nubian woman, said that the people of Nubia used to not write a list of marital movables and did not know anything about them, because of their strong knowledge of each other, and they treated as if they were one family, until diversity began in marriage and the selection of Egyptian girls and men from outside the Nubia do not know each other From here he started writing a list of marital movables.


Muhammad Abboud, the legal official in one of the villages of Assiut Governorate, said that he rarely gets married without a list. It is common knowledge for them that a list of movables is agreed upon on a certain amount between the two families, whether the amount is real or less or more, so it is written and the items are distributed is not important, what is important is the amount Agreed.


Hassan Abdel Aziz, son of one of the largest families in Menoufia, said that one of the old habits of the people of Menoufia villages is that there is no such thing as a list of movables, because the husband is the one who prepares everything in the house and the bride comes to him with her clothes bag only, and that is not the old people you used to appreciate some of. Some confirmed that in the old days, the bride’s family was actually buying a man, and this in a real sense, and not a sentence said to break up a council, so the father was satisfied with him by a husband for his daughter and he did not require a specific number of rooms or mattresses and certain prices, all of that did not exist in the first place.


Magda Abu Moslehi, one of the people of Mansoura, said, denouncing, “Qaima means what.” She emphasized that women in the old days used to marry in a house built of mud bricks, with a bedroom and another room for livestock, and that is one of the richest villages, or she was married in a room in the house of the husband’s family while she was satisfied and did not feel annoyed. But what is happening now is seen by some as insurance for the girl.


Shaima Abdel Aziz, the newly married woman, says that Alexandria is a big city like Cairo. There is nothing unified in all homes. Every father does what he finds suitable for him and his daughter. Writing in gold, she continued, there is an exception to every rule and in the end, a “necessary evil.”

List of marital transfers

movables list
movables list

Write the list
Write the list


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