“Don’t get hung up too much”.. 6 signs you know you’re becoming more mature

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Our lives go through a lot of pressures and coexist in cases of betrayal, anxiety and other negative feelings, but these feelings are considered a kind of psychological rehabilitation to reach the stage of maturity. I am in peace of mind, so we discuss during this report indicators and signs that confirm your reaching the stage of maturity, according to what was indicated by Dr. Reham Abdel Rahman, a family consultant and researcher in mental health.

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The more you receive love without fear of losing it, the more you trust yourself and others, and the more tolerant and giving you become..

Learning from error:

Man was created in life to make mistakes, and thus learns through many experiences and experiences that enable him to deal flexibly with different life situations without looking at the past and ruminating on negative memories..

Relationships just add:

Human relationships are among the blessings that we must preserve, especially when they are supportive and positive relationships, but the danger indicator lies when we suffer from a pathological attachment to these relationships at the expense of our mental health and inner peace; So your ability to be free from it is a strong indicator of your psychological and emotional maturity.

Stop sympathizing:

When a person stops drawing attention by begging the feelings of others and sympathizing with them to obtain feelings of love and appreciation and satisfy his latent desire to feel self-confidence here, he has reached an advanced stage of maturity called the stage of self-sufficiency, a stage in which the individual bears responsibility for his happiness and stability.

Estimated distances:

One of the signs of mental maturity is that a person has the arts of communication that make him approach others at specific distances that do not penetrate their privacy, especially when this is required with his ability to maintain his personal boundaries safe from the interference of others..

Life Laws:

One of the strong indicators of mental and emotional maturity is the activation of one of the laws of life, which is the law of receiving.

Signs of maturity and relief from stress
Signs of maturity and relief from stress
signs of maturity
signs of maturity


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