Chichibugahama, a forgotten beach in Japan, becomes a tourist attraction for the flunkers. Photos

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Japan’s Chichibugahama Beach, from a mysterious coastal destination in Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture, turned into a magnet for “influencers” on Instagram overnight, as the story began in 2016 when authorities in the city of Mitoyo organized a photo competition to promote local tourism, and it was one of the most The striking images, a photo of two children reflected in the sea at Chichibugahama, were so visually impressive that the idea of ​​using the water’s effect as a mirror drew tourists to this forgotten beach.

japanese beach

After the water reflection that entered the competition received a lot of attention at the local level, the authorities decided to share everything on the beach. The photos found their way on social media Mitoyo City The website has received more than 40,000 visits in a few days, tens of times more than usual, according to the website oddity central.

the beach
the beach

A place barely known to locals began attracting tens of thousands of tourists from all over Japan in just two months, and it was all because of one photo that got a lot of attention on social media. Its length is one kilometer at sunset, and they struggle to get an eye-catching picture of their accounts.

picture of the beach
picture of the beach

Yukari Ishii, a worker in Mitoyo City’s tourism department, told Xinhua Japan Forward In 2018, “the fact that so many people congregate in a place where the locals hardly look is something that makes me especially happy.. One really feels the power of social media.”

The Corona pandemic has left its mark on Japanese tourism, and Chichibugahama Beach was no exception, but the place is now already famous as the place where sky and ocean meet.


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