A world famous restaurant creates “sauce” flavored with chocolate and blue mint for fried chicken

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A famous international restaurant across South Korea recently introduced a new “sauce” to its customers, which raised eyebrows due to its unusual color and flavor, which is mint chocolate. Major South Korean companies have added mint chocolate-flavored products to their collections, the last to do so was officials from one of the world’s most famous chain restaurants in Korea, which recently launched a mint chocolate “dip”.

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The sauce has a somewhat light blue color and a sticky texture. The unique fried chicken dip recently went viral on social media and was created as part of a seasonal collaboration with a local food delivery app. Blue mint chocolate will be available in branches of this restaurant across South Korea until August 8.

According to the website, most of those who have tried it are called oddity central It doesn’t taste like toothpaste at all. Instead, it has a rich, sweet chocolate taste complemented by fresh mint, and the restaurant describes the new blue sauce as a blend of “the refreshing taste of sweet dark chocolate and mint”.

The report notes that public comments have been somewhat positive, even if you’re not a fan of small food, the popular restaurant claims its latest innovation is worth trying.

An official at the South Korean restaurant said, “We hope that people can get a completely new experience. The mint sauce is priced at 900 KRW, or $0.70, per pack, and is available as part of a variety of combo meals.”


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