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Security reveals the circumstances of a murder in the capital and arrests the perpetrator

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publish date 2022-07-30 12:53:13

The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate said that employees of the Criminal Investigation Department and the Central Amman Police were able to uncover the circumstances of the murder of a sixty-year-old who was found dead inside his home in the center of the capital, and arrested the perpetrator.

And he indicated that a report was received yesterday to the Central Amman Police Directorate about the presence of a person in his sixties who died inside his house in the Jabal al-Taj area, where the move was immediately taken to the place and the body was transferred to the forensic medicine, which confirmed the existence of a criminal suspicion in his death after a blow to the head that led to his death, and an investigation was launched into the case.

The media spokesperson confirmed that the investigation team from the Criminal Investigation and the Central Amman Police were able, after collecting information and evidence, to identify a suspect and arrest him, who admitted that he had fought with the dead man inside his house following a previous dispute, and that he pushed him, which led to his fall to the ground and his death, and he left the place after That will be referred to the court.


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