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The grand prize for the Mega Millions lottery drawing, scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, has crossed the $1 billion mark, making it the fourth largest prize of its kind ever, according to what the organizer of this game announced, and the value of the jackpot for this lottery has continued to increase for more than three years. Months, and with it the dreams of the participants grow, while no one succeeded in guessing the six correct numbers in the last 29 drawings, according to CNN.

After Tuesday night’s draw, Mega Millions experienced a technical failure that lasted about two hours due to heavy traffic, according to the group, and the largest prize in lottery history amounted to $ 1,586 billion, and was won in January 2016 in the other major American lottery, the “Powerball” But the amount was divided among three winners, and the potential winner of the Friday raffle could get one billion dollars if he agreed to pay the installments over thirty years.

If he wants to collect his prize in one go, he will only receive $603 million, part of which will be deducted in taxes, at the discretion of Mega Millions.

Mega Millions was launched in 2002, and its formula has been modified several times to reduce the probability of winning the jackpot, increasing the odds of regularly accumulating the prize to hundreds of millions of dollars.


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