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It is a shame to hold festivals that drain morals and money

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publish date 2022-07-29 11:56:33

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Representative Adnan Mashwaqa warned of the dangers of the repercussions of violating the systems of values ​​and morals in Jordanian society and working to change and obliterate the Arab and Islamic identity of the people, through laws, festivals, and so on.

In a statement to Al-Basala, MP Mashwaqa said, “It is a shame for us in Jordan to hold the Jerash Festival and to spend on it, from our morals and our money,” while the Jordanian people are living in a state of great economic hardship as a result of the governments’ policies that have impoverished the people.

He stressed that the first spending on the Jerash Festival is spending on the needy and the poor in Jordanian society, and at the same time the broadcast of immorality and immorality is being broadcast in public, while restricting centers for memorizing the Holy Qur’an, and it can only fall within the context of the war on Islamic values, religion and morals.

The MP also deplored the amendments contained in the Child Protection Bill that allow the child to change and alter the way he sees for his life, morals and religion without supervision or accountability, while his right to learn the Noble Qur’an is confiscated, through decisions that prevent this.

He said that the law will confiscate from the parents the right to direct the decision of the child, and at the same time there is pressure towards moral decay, which is in the interest of the enemies of the nation, noting that these developments are very dangerous to Jordanian society and its system of values ​​and morals.

However, he pointed out that these projects will fail with the awareness of the Jordanian people who are keen to enhance the values ​​and morals of the younger generation, and all these projects will return to those who developed and planned them and who wanted to impose evil and immorality behind them, because God Almighty is the preserver of his religion.

He stressed that the duty of everyone today regarding these changes is to enjoin good and forbid evil and they do the opposite, pointing out that saying that festivals and parties bring financial returns to the country is never true, as the money collected from the Jordanian people goes to mortals who came from other countries, They help the degeneration of generations.


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