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An educational expert calls for addressing the manifestations of the “morality crisis” in our society

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publish date 2022-07-28 09:24:02

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The educational expert and consultant Bushra Arabiyat criticized what she called the “moral crisis” that our society suffers from, which shows the “weakness of education” in a number of important joints and live scenes in our streets and markets, issuing at the same time an “alarm bell and a warning cry”, perhaps consciences wake up and face the manifestations of the crisis. before it escalates and confronts it.

Arabiyat said in exclusive statements to Al-Bawsala that the scenes that have become frequent and noticeable are many, which, if they indicate anything, indicate a defect in family education inside homes, and a defect in education before education within educational and educational institutions, whether governmental or private. !

She explained, “A few days ago, the high school exams ended, and chaos began in the streets and in front of the various exam centers, to see young women dancing, singing and ululating in the streets and in front of everyone, especially if there were cameras that capture the scene in the media, with regret that there are a good number of mothers accompanied by these The girls applaud them for this chaos, which does not indicate upbringing or education.” At the same time, she asked: “What is the dangerous achievement that has been achieved after the end of an academic year or after the end of the examination period?”

And she pointed out that “and through great experience, I say that those who make this mess, whether after the end of the exams period or when the results are announced, are from the category that may get a mark of success, and some of the outstanding students may be affected by these, but they are few!!”, stressing by saying : “I do not care about the amount of achievement in the total marks, as this is no longer an indication of educational attainment, nor is it an indication of the amount of awareness that high school students or university students are supposed to possess!!”

Chancellor Bushra Arabiyat: Do not rejoice over the amazing results in high school as long as we have a moral crisis, an education crisis, an education crisis, and an entire society crisis

She referred to another scene of those harmful scenes, saying: “The chaos that occurs inside universities when discussing the graduation project – for example, but not limited to – is the launching of fireworks and some games that cost their owners hundreds of dinars, and leave the place in a dire state, so workers come Cleanliness inside the university or in the street to bend down and clean the place, and these students forgot or forgot to give these workers a handful of dinars that might be food for their children that day, denouncing what is happening by asking: “Do these scenes indicate a lack of education or education?? Why do schools and universities allow this immoral societal chaos to be practiced within the so-called school or university campuses alike??

Counselor Arabiyat said: “Many people are afraid of the day the results of high school will appear, because the elderly and the sick will not be able to sleep, and children wake up in terror!!! Not to mention the traffic accidents that claim the lives of a group of people whose fault it is that they live in a society that does not respect the old before the young, this society in which values ​​have become ostracized, and respect for time is rare, a society in which promises are not fulfilled and vows are broken, it is truly a moral crisis !!”.

Sad scenes

Arabiyat continued her speech by saying: “If we come out of the moral crisis in schools and universities to different groups in society, we will see sad scenes, you see pre-sale service for any commodity, whether it is real estate, furniture or anything, you see two faces of people, a smiling face. Tolerant makes promises before selling, to turn after the sale to see another face that smells of deception, lies and broken promises, it is a crisis of morals in addition to a crisis of manhood!!

And she added, “Let me excuse me for free men who have become a rare commodity in this time, because the good man – in the opinion of these deceivers – is the one who earns more customers, who makes more profit, and who makes money on the basis of fraud and deception, and they do not realize that they are eating fire in their stomachs, and they will arrive in flames! !”.

She lamented that “this category is the next model for high school and university students, because they are graduates of these institutions. They may not dance in the streets, but they have become proficient in cheating on merchandise!”

Arabiyat said: “Add to this the moral crisis in the streets, malls, and even small shops. You see a group of girls entering the supermarket laughing out loud and not even knowing why they entered. This group wants to draw the attention of young people, nothing more!!” The worst is that some of them wear a headscarf, but they do not wear a veil of modesty!!”

Arabiyat said in her speech criticizing all negative manifestations of immorality: “You see another person who enters to shop with a cigarette in his hand poisoning the place, and when someone draws his attention that smoking is prohibited in public places, he begins to identify himself as an academic university professor!!! Is this not yet another calamity that confirms that there is a moral crisis?

She concluded by saying: “So it is a moral crisis, an education crisis, an education crisis, an entire society crisis, so do not be happy about the amazing results in high school, because they are nothing more than just numbers!! Numbers in the number of graduates, and numbers that indicate false marks for a class that graduates while still not knowing how to read and write properly, not to mention that it is a class that does not respect society with all the meaning of this phrase!!

Arabiyat concluded her statements with:compassBy offering comprehensive advice to the individual and society alike: “Therefore we all have to confront these behaviors that spread in society, and pollute values ​​and principles, and thus become like a rotten apple in a box of apples, to work to corrupt the rest of the box, and corruption has appeared in a visible way, so is it Who has a clear conscience??? Probably!!”.


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