Parliamentary Education supports toughening penalties for those who pass the Tawjihi exam

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publish date 2022-07-27 16:24:00

The head of the Parliamentary Education and Youth Committee, Dr. Talib Al-Sarayrah, said that the committee supports toughening the penalties for anyone who violates the instructions and regulations related to the general secondary school certificate exam (Tawjihi).

While he praised the efforts of the Ministry of Education and the security services for their efforts during the exam period, he explained that the exam was stressful for students and parents.

This came while he chaired a meeting of the committee, which was held today, Wednesday, during which they discussed the observations received by the committee regarding the (Tawjihi) exam, as well as the work of the Education Quality and Accountability Unit in the “Education”, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education for Educational and Technical Affairs Nawaf Al-Ajarmeh, and the Director of the Examinations Unit. Muhammad Kenana, and Rima Zureikat, Director of the Quality and Accountability Unit.

Representatives Zuhair Al-Saeedin and Khaled Al-Shloul presented a number of questions and inquiries about the high school exam, calling for an increase in its time during the upcoming sessions, in order to achieve justice between students’ absorption levels, as well as increasing the period between exams to become two days so that students can devote themselves and study more widely.

They also inquired about the conversations circulating about the deprivation of students whose seat numbers were damaged, as well as the deprivation of others who delayed the start of the exam for only one minute, and the failure of the student of the literary branch to study the computer major at the university, knowing that he is studying the computer course during his studies in high school, while the student of the branch The scholar does not study it and he has the right to study that specialty.

They demanded that the student be deprived of the subject in which he bypasses the regulations and instructions related to the examination, and not for the entire session.

For his part, Al-Ajarmeh said that the MPs were in constant contact with the Ministry of Education during the high school exam, and its members made important observations about it.

He explained that 375 cheating attempts were seized using a mobile phone, at a rate of 35 attempts per day, due to the professionalism of the observers in the halls.

Al-Ajarmeh added that the instructions are clear regarding depriving the student of applying for two consecutive sessions, in the event that a mobile device was seized in his possession while he was sitting for the exam, and he was deprived of one session during the seizure of a cheat sheet in his possession.

He pointed out that the instructions allow the student to enter the exam hall if he is late for the exam start time for a period not exceeding 3 minutes.

Regarding the lack of eligibility for students of the literary branch to study computer majors at the university, Al-Ajarmah stated that this is due to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

For his part, Kenana said that the exam paper is balanced and is subject to a table of specifications and is set according to the syllabus for each subject, indicating that the table of specifications is drawn up by educational experts and specialists in measurement and evaluation.

He denied that students were prevented from sitting for exams due to damaged seating numbers, stressing that students who forgot their IDs or their seat numbers were allowed to enter the examination hall, where they contacted their families to bring their IDs or their children’s seating numbers.

In addition, Zureikat reviewed the most prominent tasks carried out by the unit, noting that its presence is a global practice.

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