You have a ride in the middle of the afternoon.. Tips to get rid of the feeling of heat in the summer

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Some may have to go to a place during the afternoon, where the temperature rises and the sun shines, which leads to sweating and feeling hot, and to get rid of this problem, we review, in this report, some tips that must be followed to get rid of the heat, according to the website. everwalk.

Tips to follow when leaving the house

wearing a hat or carrying a “sun”

You should wear a hat or carry a light-colored umbrella to protect against ultraviolet rays, when walking on the street at noon.

sunblock cream

It is preferable to put a little sunscreen on the skin to protect it from ultraviolet rays and sunburn, while wearing loose-fitting, lightweight clothes to feel refreshed.

drink cold water

It is preferable to take a bottle of ice water to eat when you go out of the house, or to wash your face to avoid feeling too hot.

summer shoes

It is preferable to wear lightweight summer shoes when walking, to avoid fungus, blisters and foot odor.

Avoid sunlight

When walking in the afternoon, avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible, to avoid damage to ultraviolet rays, and feeling very hot.

a break

Walking for a long time causes sweating and feeling hot, so it is preferable to get some rest in a place not exposed to the sun, while avoiding walking quickly and preferably walking slowly to avoid feeling tired and very hot.

Tips to get rid of the heat
Tips to get rid of the heat
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