The first prototype of the Apple computer from Steve Jobs was offered for sale at an auction

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Global auction house RR Auction The original prototype of a computer Apple The design of the late Steve Jobs is for sale, as the first computer designed by the company, and the auction began on Friday, 22nd of this month and continues until August 18th, and the highest current bid for the first model was $229,755, and it is expected that the auction value will rise with its end, according to the “New York Post” website. “.

The New York Post report

Jobs designed the device by hand and hand-welded by fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976, and the two partners used the prototype to secure their first order from local computer store owner Paul Terrell, according to the auction listing..

The auction company said: ‘Few artifacts can be considered from Apple As rare, early or historical as this first model of Apple-1 who spent many years at the site Apple Garage – a site now intertwined in American business folklore, where two unexpected heroes founded Empire .

“Moreover, this model is a perfect embodiment of the symbiosis between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Silicon Valley: the brilliant businessman, electronics Einstein, and the infrastructure in which it thrived,” the company added in its description.


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