Intoxicating and refined.. Know the benefits of drinking water from the few

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In the summer and hot weather, everyone rushes to drink cold water to escape the hot weather, using ice water from refrigerators and stored in homes, but did you ask what happens when drinking from clay pots, including the few and zeer, which is an ancient folk heritage since ages, as we all know it.

There are several health benefits to drinking water from crockery or a few in the summer, as we will show in the next report according to the website “timesofindia“.

Natural cooling effect

Drinking in clay pots has a good effect on water in that it works on evaporation, which helps in cooling the water, because the clay pot is porous, it gradually cools the water and makes it refined and tastes a little sweet, which is a high quality that is not found in any other container.

Throat safe

Everyone when he drinks cold or very cold water may feel some pain in his throat as a result of the coldness of the water, but clay pots give the perfect cooling effect, as it is light on the throat and people who suffer from cold and cough can drink from it easily without feeling pain when the water passes through the throat .

Protection from sunstroke

Some people don’t think that crockery water protects from sunstroke, but crockery helps in making the vitamins and minerals stored in it maintain glucose levels in the body and also provides a nice cooling effect for the body.

It is known that the human body is acidic in nature and clay is alkaline, and the water in these alkaline utensils when we consume them interacts with the acidic nature of the body and this balance helps create an appropriate pH balance, and this is why drinking water from clay pots helps maintain acidity and stomach problems that may It is felt by a person.

When drinking water in plastic bottles, it contains toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A, which harm the body, and may lower testosterone levels. Drinking in water stored in clay pots balances levels of this hormone and improves metabolism in the body.


pottery utensils
pottery utensils



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