A simple and easy natural recipe to get rid of dark pores on the leg

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Spots on the body may bother many people and do not feel comfortable with those dark pores that are unpleasant, and can be the result of an excess of oil, dirt and bacteria.

There are several tips and natural recipes to make the skin of the legs smooth and radiant again, according to the site “femina“.

warm water

Every girl who cares about personal hygiene and taking care of her skin should follow some means that protect her skin from drying out, and the legs can be soaked every period in warm water to open the pores and clean the impurities and oils accumulated on the leg and make it clean and bright.


The issue of skin peeling is very important to constantly renew the skin and make it young, strong and bright. You can peel the skin once a week and remove dead cells and this process increases blood circulation, which ensures the removal of toxins and makes it very strong.

baking soda

Using baking soda as a cleanser for deep skin pores by mixing it with water, the paste can be applied to the affected area, making it reduce the pores, and this mixture can get rid of blackheads from the skin directly easily.

Leave the shaver for a while

The shaver can be left for some time, because it is a major cause of hair growing under the skin and dark pores, so be careful not to shave for a few days, and wax or any opportunity remover can be used instead of the machine.

salicylic acid

Most cleansers contain salicylic acid as a primary ingredient, so it should be a good idea to buy a body and skin cleanser that contains the same ingredient. The breakouts are random and treat any existing breakouts.

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