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Sharia scholars in “Islamic Action” warn of the “dangerousness” of the Child Rights Bill

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publish date 2022-07-27 13:00:52

The Sharia Scholars Council of the Islamic Action Front party issued a statement, on Wednesday, about the “dangerousness” of the draft child law.

The statement called for a national action to respond to what it considered dangerous for the family and society.

The statement said, “This law finds it alien to our religion, customs and traditions. It wants to strip the family’s authority from the child and make it in the hands of the state and its laws.”

He added, “The beholder of the philosophy of this law sees that it has come as an emulation of the corrupt values ​​and stagnant laws of Westerners.”

The statement referred to the child in Jordanian society, “He is honored in a generous family, a gracious mother, a caring father, grandparents, uncles and aunts. He has been the object of warmth and honor since his birth.”

Following is the text of the statement:

The Council has seen the draft Child Rights Law for the year 2022, which is presented to the House of Representatives in this special session, and that the contemplator of this law finds that it is alien to our religion, our customs and traditions, he wants to strip the family’s authority from the child and make it in the hands of the state and its laws, and that the beholder of the philosophy of this law sees It came as an emulation of the corrupt values ​​and laws of the Westerners. They consider the child in them to be the most destructive, lost and destroyed component of society. It is the unwanted element for many fathers, if there are fathers, and for many mothers, if the mother accepts them, they bear the responsibility of entering it. In a family that has no pillars or elements. This Western family is mostly broken families, and the relationship between its components is a shabby one.
The child in most Western societies is between thinking about abortion while in his mother’s womb, or depriving him of motherhood and family protection at birth, and talking about this does not need much detail, which made the West look for a law by which to salvage some of the rights of the child from among the teeth of oppressive societies.

As for our Islamic societies in general, and our Jordanian society in particular, our children do not have indigestible rights that need laws to be treated. Rather, the child is honored in a dignified family, a caring mother, a caring father, grandparents, uncles and great-grandparents. If an incident occurs here or there and it is few and not mentioned, then the righteous custom treats it; Based on the foregoing, there is no need for a law for the child, for if this law gives the child a right, it robs him of other rights.

We in the Council of Sharia Scholars, after studying the articles of this law, have found that the law contains legitimate, legal, social, educational and behavioral violations, most of which undermine the right of the child. We mention the following, for example:

1- In Article Two (a), the law indicates that the age of childhood remains until the age of eighteen, and this is in violation of Sharia provisions, as the childhood stage ends with puberty, where the young man or woman becomes legally responsible and bears responsibility for his actions, so he is eligible for contracts, marriage, divorce and gift, Delaying childhood is an injustice to manhood, and this is one of the greatest of children’s rights stolen.

2- In Article 5(b), the law neglected the most important rights of the child.

3- In Articles Seven and Eight, the law gives the child the right to respect his private life and not to interfere in it, and the right to obtain information, which means that the father has no right to object to his child or interfere in his affairs. Then can he ask his parents’ secrets, or interfere in their privacy, on the pretext of obtaining information?!

4- In the ninth article, the law made the child’s relationship with his parents based on communication only, so where is the compassion for the parents, and taking care of them? And the integration of the child with his father, mother and family?! The text of this article shows that it is a Western text par excellence.

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