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Jordan refuses entry to 150 Israelis through Wadi Araba crossing

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publish date 2022-07-27 09:01:12

The Compass – Jordan refused, on Tuesday, the entry of 150 Israelis through the Wadi Araba crossing, which links between Aqaba Governorate and the occupied city of Eilat, Israel Today newspaper reported.

The Hebrew newspaper quoted the Israeli Airports and Crossing Authority as saying that a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews were prevented from entering Jordan because of the refusal to allow them to bring food into the kingdom; This is despite prior warnings in this regard.

As the same newspaper reported, according to the settlers, the Jordanians at the crossing demanded that their wigs be cut; To allow them to enter, pointing out that they go through rigorous inspection stages.

The newspaper claimed that a riot broke out at the crossing because of the incident, the settlers said.

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