Traveling abroad in black clothes The strangest laws and protocols for royal families around the world

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Although everywhere there are laws and protocols that everyone is bound by, but even the royal family has laws that they must also abide by, and try to implement them, no matter how strict those rules are.

And there are some laws that the royal family can apply, even if they are strange, according to the website.britishheritage“.

No to politics

The royal family should not enter into a discussion of politics or the democratic process and share personal opinions about it, because Queen Elizabeth is the head of state and the Church of England and therefore must remain completely impartial when it comes to state policy.

The Queen finishes eating, and everyone follows her

When eating as a family, everyone is watching the queen because she is eating everyone eats and as soon as she finishes eating everyone should stop eating as well.

Traveling abroad in black clothes

When traveling the royal family must make sure that they have completely black clothes, because some unwelcome situations may occur such as sudden death, so the royal family is ready to wear the appropriate clothes with them.

Heirs do not travel together

There is another strange rule, and it may be somewhat logical, which is to prevent the heir to the throne from traveling by plane together, because once Prince George reaches the age of 12, he and his father will have to travel on a separate plane for each one of them.

No driver’s license

Queen Elizabeth is the only person who does not have a driver’s license or license plate on her car, and is not bound by this law.

Everything in the bag

Queen Elizabeth has distinctive signs about the shape of her bag, and her staff know that sign, and they know what she wants to say from her.

Prince George

queen family
queen family

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

queen bag
queen bag


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