Over the course of a month, this is what will happen to your body after you stop sugar

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In recent years, awareness campaigns and warnings about the dangers of consuming sugar in its forms, or following sugar-based diets, have begun, especially after studies that revealed the great harms of “white poison” to humans.

According to a census conducted years ago, the number of people with diabetes has tripled at least since 2000, which has resulted in an increase in the cost of treating the disease globally to more than $850 billion annually.

Most sufferers of type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity and lack of physical activity, and the disease is increasing rapidly in poorer countries where people eat fast food and adopt urban lifestyles.

But have you thought about what would happen to your body if you made the decision to completely stop sweets and sugary drinks?

The “Birdy” website, which specializes in health affairs, published what a person would face if he stopped eating sugar for an entire month, in chronological order from the first minutes of implementing his decision.

20 minutes after you stop eating sugar

The site confirms that eating sugar is like an addiction, it leads you to keep asking for more of it without stopping, so after your first sugar-free meal, you will feel very satiated and will not crave the sweetness that comes after the meal.

after an hour

You’ll still feel full an hour after the first meal, and you’ll often feel energized and energized, and you’re less likely to crave a dessert.

After a day off

Nutrition expert Lauren O’Connor says that after spending a full day without eating sugar, a person will start wanting to eat food rich in beneficial elements, such as fiber and fats that sugar used to replace in the body.

after 3 days

O’Connor points out that the third day is the first difficult day, as giving up sugar can start to affect a person’s mood and sometimes lead to depression.

after a week

After a week of stopping sugary food, you will start to feel in a good mood and your health will improve a lot, and you will be able to work harder than before.

After a month of hiatus

Your craving for sweets and sugars disappears completely after a month of cutting out sugar, and you may experience an unexpected craving for vegetables and protein-rich foods, according to O’Connor.

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