Morocco .. Experts call for confronting the “tsunami of divorce”

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publish date 2022-07-26 08:36:08

Divorce numbers in Morocco have reached record levels, causing human rights defenders and activists to sound the alarm, while experts attribute this phenomenon to a number of reasons, including financial problems, declining confidence, and psychological reasons fueled by the Corona pandemic.

Official statistics of the Ministry of Justice revealed that the courts of appeal recorded 20,372 cases of divorce in Morocco during the year 2020, while the courts of first instance recorded 68,995 divorce cases of discord only, while the number of divorce cases reached 24,257 cases, and divorce divorces at 6,611 cases.

Commenting on the issue, Abdelilah Al-Khoudari, head of the Moroccan Center for Human Rights, said that divorce cases have worsened dramatically during the current year, and are likely to break records compared to previous years, as according to circulating data, divorce applications may approach at the end of the year 300,000, while not exceeding 100,000 cases in 2021, and more than 50,000 in 2019.

Speaking about the reasons for this skyrocketing rise, Al-Khudari told Sky News Arabia that material differences, moodiness, and the indifference of one or both parties to family responsibility come at the forefront of the motives that make the couple reach the dead end, as the repercussions of the pandemic have exacerbated these factors, As well as its significant impact on the livelihood of many heads of families.

The spokesman highlighted that “some manifestations of suspicion settled within families, against the background of the high level of marital infidelity fueled by social networking sites. Also, the ease of the divorce procedure made efforts to reunite through the reconciliation procedure mostly unsuccessful.”

According to Hashmi Hassan, a doctor in sociology, the noticeable rise in divorce cases in Moroccan society in recent years is due to multiple and complex reasons that need sociological and psychological studies to understand and deconstruct them.

The spokesman added, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”: “There is a set of cultural, economic and value changes that resulted from the impact of globalization and the penetration of capitalist thought, which removed sanctity from all social standards and controls that were considered sacred in determining a life partner, which resulted in the dismantling of controls. traditional institutions and the dominance of individualism and selfishness at the expense of the common interest of the spouses.

The expert added that “there are shifts at the level of undeclared representations of one or both parties of the institution of marriage, in addition to ways of living that depend more on form than content, in addition to the lack of awareness of responsibility and ways to manage differences and communication between spouses.”

In order to confront this phenomenon, Hashemi stressed the “necessity of training and framing young people coming to marriage and creating positive ideas within society and socialization institutions. As well as confronting the negative ideas prevalent on social networking sites, and rehabilitating the criteria that were prevalent in choosing a life partner away from the interest.” Individualism, in addition to defining roles within the home before marriage, especially after women leave the labor market and men cling to their authoritarian and dominant role in the family.

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