Mint and orange juice are refreshing compresses to beat the summer heat

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In the summer, many may feel very tired and tired as a result of the hot weather, especially for those who have oily skin, and those with dry skin complain about depriving the skin of moisture.

There are refreshing compresses that are suitable for hot weather and benefit all skin types, which maintain skin moisture and make it free of oils, according to the website.femina“.

Cucumber ice pack

Quick compresses can be made from cutting fresh cucumbers with half an ice pack with water and placing the chopped cucumbers to fill the remaining half, freezing those cubes and using them as a remover for skin blemishes, and cucumber juice mixed with water can be placed instead of the chopped cucumbers.

Lemon ice pack for oily skin

The production of excess oil on the skin can be controlled with the properties of lemon, by preparing a mixture of squeezing half a cup of fresh lemon juice and mixing it with an equal amount of water, pouring it into ice molds and freezing, and these cubes work to shrink pores and remove any oils on the skin.

Rose water ice pack for glowing skin

The skin can be given a glow using an ice pack with rose water, by pouring rose water and filling half the ice cube tray, covering it with bottled water and rose petals, and the rose-scented ice cubes will lift the spirits while giving the skin glow and radiance.

Green tea ice pack for skin rejuvenation

Green tea contains antioxidants, which reduces puffiness under the eyes, by steeping 2 to 3 bags of green tea in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes, letting it cool, pouring this drink into an ice mold and freezing it, and rubbing the skin to rejuvenate tired skin.

Mint ice pack to soothe the skin

The skin can be cooled in hot weather by using an ice pack with the smell of fresh mint, take a handful of mint leaves and clean them with water and grind these leaves, to get a smooth paste, using a cup of water, and add clean water to make a cup of the mixture and be frozen, and use a mint cube When required, use for skin cooling and is gentle for irritated sunburned skin.

Orange juice ice pack for skin whitening

Orange is rich in vitamins COrange juice refreshes the skin immediately, by squeezing one orange and mixing it with an equal amount of water, pouring it into an ice pack, freezing and applying it to the skin, then washing the skin to make the skin look luminous and bright.

green tea snow

rose water snow
rose water snow

orange juice ice
orange juice ice

Cucumber ice pack
Cucumber ice pack

lemon ice pack
lemon ice pack

Mint ice pack
Mint ice pack


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