If you are a new bride.. Find out how to clean the house in five easy and simple steps

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Home furniture is one of the most things that we can take care of and maintain properly in order to have a longer life and a clean and tidy shape, especially if there is a new bride who needs to arrange her thoughts, so we discuss during this report ways to take care of home furniture according to what was stated on the website byamadesigns

General care and maintenance of home furnishings: a soft cloth:

Use a soft cloth for the daily maintenance of furniture, preferably free from any harsh chemicals that cause the paint to deteriorate.

table pads:

Protect furniture and floor surfaces with felts or furniture covers

wood cleaning

Distance from sunlight:

It is preferable to avoid placing your furniture in the sun for long periods of time, in order to prevent wear and tear, which cause discoloration of the wood.

wood care:

Wooden furniture needs almost daily special care to maintain its longevity The final touch protects the wood and adds to its beauty, so maintenance must be done to clean wooden furniture, so polish your furniture every once in a while using a clean, soft, and lint-free cloth.

Protection and prevention:

To protect surfaces, use linens regularly, and get rid of any spills immediately to ensure easy cleaning, even in the event of a water spill, you must get rid of it quickly so that it does not cause white spots on the furniture.

Carpet care:

In the case of carpet cleaning, it is preferable that you refrain from passing the vacuum cleaner on the edges of the carpet, but it is preferable that you use the hand attachment of the vacuum cleaner carefully and gently on the carpet

home furniture care
home furniture care

The right way to care for wood
The right way to care for wood


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