I gave hope.. a Sudanese artist who fights cancer in an innovative way

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publish date 2022-07-26 08:40:18

The Sudanese interacted greatly with photos and videos showing the artist Mona Magdy singing in high spirits with the choir of the College of Music, upon receiving her at Khartoum Airport, after her return from a cancer recovery trip in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Tweeters and musicians considered the “brushed” way that Magdy sang with her colleagues in the choir the moment she left the arrival hall, as an expression of man’s ability to defeat the disease psychologically.

Al-Safi Mahdi, choir conductor and professor of music in Sudanese universities, told Sky News Arabia that the artist is often imbued with beautiful human meanings that enable him to “transform suffering into bundles of joy that he distributes to his community and those around him.”

He added that Magdy is one of the creators who consider art a message that addresses feelings and gives hope to people, so it was natural to send a message to everyone summarizing the human ability to defeat disease.

Mahdi points out that Mona Magdy, with her human feelings, confirms the ability of art to give doses of hope to everyone who suffers from illness.

Magdy comes from a family with a long history of interacting with social issues. Her father, Magdy Selim, was one of the most prominent human rights defenders.

Magdy has emerged in recent years as one of the artists participating in the resurrection and development of Sudanese art through her participation in the Sudanese Music College choir, which contributed greatly to changing the map of Sudanese art with its many components that made it the most influential in efforts to develop Sudanese art and turn it into a tool of change. .

A number of social media pioneers who interacted with the way Magdy expressed herself upon her return to the country wished that she would fully recover from her illness, expressing their optimism that she would be able to do so with her feelings and artistic spirit.

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