Doubts and accusations: Did the words of an announcer lead to the shooting in Canada?

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publish date 2022-07-26 08:45:24

A black day in Canada, after a shooting attack that led to casualties, and after revealing some details, the finger of accusation was directed at a famous radio broadcaster, who may have incited the bloody operation.

Canadian police in Langley, near Vancouver, announced that “several shootings” killed two people in the west of the country, Monday, and that they wanted the attacker dead.

Later, the authorities revealed that the attack was targeting the “homeless” in the city, who live in the streets and parks without homes, which led to linking the crime with “dangerous” words uttered by a famous American broadcaster a few days ago.

The world’s most listened-to podcast host, Joe Rogan, sarcastically said that the homeless in cities should be killed.

“They don’t let us move the things that homeless people put on the street, but they won’t arrest you if you shoot them,” Joe Rogan said on his show “The Joe Rogan Experience” six days ago.

“Maybe we should shoot the homeless,” he added sarcastically.

Rogan faced sharp criticism for attacking this vulnerable group, and voices against him rose after the shooting of homeless people in Canada was confirmed.

Well-known Canadian broadcaster Chris Gallus said: “It’s probably too early to say that the shooter was influenced by Joe Rogan, but listen to the podcaster sarcastically suggest 6 days ago that the solution is to kill the homeless.”

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