Beauty oils are a mixture that leaves your skin smooth and flawless in the summer

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Moisturizing is one of the most important steps for the body, whether it is in the summer or the winter. Moisturizing the body is not linked to any season of the year. Therefore, we find many girls who spend a lot of money buying moisturizing lotion at expensive prices; It may contain some chemical ingredients in order to moisturize and protect against dehydration, and may cause damage to the skin, but it is possible to use some oils that smooth the surface of the skin and get rid of dryness, although many when hearing the word oils may be concerned about Lots of fat, but in fact, natural oils are not greasy, but they are a strong and good moisturizer, so we will discuss during this report the best oils that help moisturize the body in a strong and non-damaging way, according to the website. brides

Coconut Oil

Grape seed oil:

Grape seed oil is one of the oils rich in many natural substances that help moisturize permanently and healthily, and also help in getting rid of skin scales. It has a matte, non-greasy texture and is suitable for all skin types.

camel oil:

Beauty oil consists of a group of natural oils, sweet almond and sesame oils are mixed with lavender oil, and one of the benefits of lavender oil is that it is able to give a pleasant, comfortable scent that helps us facilitate bedtime, and beauty oil can be used for hair and body, as it is multi-benefit, and a few drops can be added to Bath to enjoy its many benefits, including softening the skin and giving the body a pleasant smell.

Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter Oil:

Rose oil is distinguished by its pleasant aroma, and it is also a moisturizer that helps exfoliate the body. Shea oil is also known as one of the most moisturizing oils, and it can also be used on the hair.

Coconut Oil:

All body oils are very moisturizing and are suitable for all skin types. They are also very useful for people with sensitive skin. The oils do not cause any skin irritation or inflammation. Coconut oil is considered one of the most moisturizing oils in the event that some oil that is formed in “olive and jojoba” is added. And this mixture increases the moisture of the skin more, and it is possible that this recipe is a friend of ours that can be used to moisturize in very dry places or places that contain crusts

olive oil
olive oil
grape oil
grape oil
Lavender oil
Lavender oil


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