A fine for every French store that “does not close its doors”… What is the reason?

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publish date 2022-07-26 08:24:36

Owners of air-conditioned shops in France received a ministerial order, requiring them to close the doors of their stores while the air conditioner is running, or face a large fine in the event of non-compliance with this directive.

France’s Minister of Environmental Transformation, Agnes Pannier-Runacher, said that leaving the doors open with the air conditioner turned on leads to an increase in energy consumption by 20 percent, adding, “This is ridiculous.”

And she continued: “Across France, air-conditioned stores must keep their doors closed when the air conditioning or heating is turned on, or face a fine of 750 euros. A decree will be issued to confirm the decision in the coming days.”

This decision comes as part of a series of measures that the French government will implement to confront what it describes as “the great and irresponsible waste of energy.”

The plan also includes a ban on illuminated advertisements at night, with the exception of train stations and airports, said Runacher.

“These measures will help businesses and stores reduce energy bills by 20 percent,” she added.

Europe is experiencing a stifling energy crisis, coinciding with the imposition of sanctions on Russia, the largest gas supplier to Europe, against the backdrop of the war it has been waging against Ukraine for months.

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