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Meteorology explains to the “compass” the nature of the hot air mass affecting the Kingdom

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publish date 2022-07-26 10:16:51

Compass – Amman

The Meteorological Department said that temperatures will rise in the coming days, and will be 4 degrees higher than their rates for this time of the year, stressing the need not to be intimidated by the weather that the country will witness in the coming days.

The Director of the Meteorological Department, Raed Al Khattab, said in a statement to “Al Compass” that temperatures in the capital Amman and most regions of the kingdom will reach about 36 degrees, meaning that it is 3-4 degrees higher than its average for this time of the year.

Al-Khattab indicated that the Kingdom will be affected by a hot air mass, not a heat wave, indicating that the heat wave will last for more than 3 days and the temperature is 5 degrees Celsius higher than its average.

He pointed out that the hot air mass will begin to decline from Saturday, and the temperatures will be between 33-34, with the exception of the Badia, the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley and Aqaba, where temperatures will touch 40 degrees Celsius.

The Director of the Meteorological Department called for avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, especially at noon, as well as the need to take caution and not leave children in vehicles without ventilation, and drink a lot of water and fluids.

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