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Food and Drug Administration clarifies about preventing patients from importing medicines for individual purposes

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publish date 2022-07-25 23:13:00

The Director-General of the Food and Drug Corporation, Nizar Mahmoud Mheedat, said on Monday that the corporation will continue to allow the patient to import a sufficient quantity of pharmaceutical preparations “for a period not exceeding three months for the patient’s personal need away from commercial uses.”

He added to the program (Sawt Al-Mamlaka) on the “Sawt Al-Mamlaka” channel.The kingdom“This matter is not a decision, but rather a letter in which the Director General of the Customs Department was addressed to confirm a legal article, to emphasize Article 64 of the Pharmacy and Drug Law of 2012 and also to confirm Article 165 of the instructions that resulted from the law for the purposes of its interpretation and set conditions Importing medicines from abroad, whether registered or not.

He stressed that 60% of medicines registered in Jordan are less than 10 dinars.

He explained that 68% of the medicines that are used in the local market are a local industry and 32%, noting that the percentage of exports of medicines is more than imports.

Mohidat, indicated that an additional new cell was formed that works with a very high degree of quality in the inspection process, comprising inspectors for the purposes of drug and food inspection, as well as for medical supplies and consumables.

He pointed out that “this focus or hot cell aims to inspect randomly selected facilities and to emphasize the work of the sub-inspection committees located in all governorates of the Kingdom, in addition to the tourist regions.”

Mohaidat stated that “the results of the inspections revealed drugs that are not registered and are not allowed to be circulated in the pharmacies of the Jordanian community, and there are more than one classification of these drugs, but a large part of them were dangerous and could not be traded.”

He reiterated that the patient is allowed to import a sufficient quantity of pharmaceutical preparations for a period not exceeding three months for the patient’s personal need if a prescription and report is available; According to the instructions for handling unregistered medicines imported in non-commercial quantities for specific patients by name and issued in the Official Gazette earlier.

He added that these instructions came with the aim of ensuring the safety of the imported medicine for the patient, and limiting the import of unregistered medicines in commercial quantities, as the teams of the supervisory institution, during the periodic inspection tours, control commercial quantities of unregistered medicines that were entered by travelers, which are of unknown source, and are not subject to It is subject to the required transportation and storage requirements, and it is not analyzed in the laboratory by the institution’s laboratories, and therefore it is not safe.

Mahadat stated that “one of the most important medicines that travelers bring with them is; Nutritional supplements and medicines used in the slimming process, which we have noticed a great demand for, in addition to illegally promoting them on social media, most of which are unregistered and unavailable as a result of very severe damages that prevented the registration process.”

The former spokeswoman for the Medical Syndicate, Maysam Akroush, said that drug prices in Jordan are more than 3 times the prices in neighboring regions.

Akroush pointed out that if a patient who suffers from a chronic disease is not able to pay for his medications, he may have to leave them, and the medical sector will be more exhausted, and that 40% of Jordanians are over the age of 40, and they have at least 4 risk factors for chronic diseases.

She pointed out that reducing the prices of locally-made medicines may contribute to reducing the import of medicines from abroad, explaining that there are locally-made medicines whose prices are more expensive than imported medicines.

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