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A national forum in the “Islamic Action” warns against the contents of the draft Child Rights Law and its targeting of the family and society system (witness)

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publish date 2022-07-26 19:20:33

Amman – Khalil Qandil

The participants in the national forum held by the Islamic Action Front Party to discuss the Child Law and its impact on values, the family and society warned of the danger of the targeting of the fortress of the family and the attempt to dismantle it within the systematic campaign targeting the identity of the Arab and Islamic society, calling for unifying the national effort to address this law. This suspicious campaign against the values ​​and principles of the state.

The participants in the forum, which was held with the participation of a crowd of scholars and party, political, national and parliamentary figures, and was moderated by Dr. Ghazi Dweik, Second Deputy Secretary-General of the party, called for a national vision to defend the family and society in the face of what they described as imported laws that contradict Islamic Sharia, human instinct, and the identity of the Arab and Islamic state. .

Dweik pointed out that this forum comes in the context of the campaign launched by the party to defend the Arab and Islamic identity of the state, and in light of the so-called protection of the rights of the child law, which poses a threat to the family system, which represents the basic building block in society, within the systematic attack against the identity of Arab and Islamic society and the various values ​​and fortresses of society, starting with education and the family, through laws imported from the West that clash with Sharia and human instinct and are rejected by the people.

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party, Engineer Murad Al-Adayleh, stressed that this forum comes to defend the identity of the nation, society and the future of its children through systematic campaigns targeting this identity and through imported laws, the latest of which was the Child Rights Law, which wants to extract the child from his family, which is doing everything it has to protect the child and its upbringing. And it seeks to dismantle the fortress of the family, which represents the unity of society, under misleading headings about the absolute freedom of the child, including freedom of religion and practices, which contradicts Sharia and law and leads the child to the unknown.

Adaileh warned of the danger of this law, calling on the government to withdraw it “because it causes the kidnapping of our children from their families and destroys society and the future of its generations, and society will not allow it to pass, while governments continue to abandon their responsibilities towards protecting society and towards the future of its children and providing them with a decent life, and we will be the jealous voice on society and the state.” And its balance, for the state is based on the legitimacy of Arabism and Islam, and whoever wants to strip the identity of the Arab and Islamic state is threatening the legitimacy and stability of the country’s system.”

For his part, Chairman of the Sharia Scholars Committee in the party, Dr. Hammam Saeed, stressed the need for parties, civil society institutions, national, popular and union forces to move to defend the fortress of the family and society in the face of what he described as the dangerous and fierce campaign against the Muslim family and its stability in exchange for the fragmentation of the family in the West. And a state of loss, pointing out that the law submitted by the government on the rights of the child is devoid of valid reasons and the absence of the philosophy of this law, which negates the need for this law.



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