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The government unveils the new King Hussein Bridge project.. These are its details

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publish date 2022-07-25 09:22:46

The Compass – The Ministry of Public Works and Housing suggested, on Monday, the referral and signing of the concession contract with the winning investor in the project to construct buildings and freight and passenger yards for the new King Hussein Bridge during the second quarter of next year 2023, after which the investor would start the necessary procedures to start work according to the contract.

The ministry also expected to open the initial qualification applications for companies that purchased the initial qualification documents for the bid in early August.

The ministry indicated that the initial qualification stage is the first stage of the investment bidding stages, which gives the opportunity for local and international companies with experience to compete in an international bid to select an investor who will build, finance, operate and maintain the project for a period of up to 20 years.

The ministry indicated that it had launched on April 6, the initial qualification tender for companies wishing to participate in the investment project in the new buildings and yards for freight and passengers of the King Hussein Bridge.

According to the government’s work priorities plan for the year 2021-2023, the tender should have been submitted in the fourth quarter of last year. The government plan shows that the tender is worth 126 million dinars in partnership with the private sector, distributing 30 million dinars from the public budget and 96 from the private sector.

And the King Hussein Bridge witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of travelers in the last period due to several factors, including: a two-year travel interruption due to the Corona crisis, a school holiday, the return of expatriates, the summer period, in addition to the Israeli side’s failure to adhere to the timing of the bridge’s flag and its reception of only about 80 buses, According to previous statements by the Ministry of the Interior.

Departures at the King Hussein Bridge crossing are subject to verification and passport stamping procedures in the waiting room, then board a bus that takes them through a closed street inside the crossing to a building on the Israeli side, where they undergo similar procedures and then cross to the Palestinian side.

There are three official crossings between Jordan and Israel, which have been linked by a peace treaty since 1994: the Sheikh Hussein/Jordan Crossing in the north of Jordan, which is intended for tourists, the Wadi Araba crossing in the south, which is intended for the Israelis, and the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge, which is the only one for the Palestinians.

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As for the site of the bridge project, the ministry said that it will be close to the current site and on an area estimated at two thousand acres, in order to meet the expected future needs of freight traffic and travelers.

She stressed that the implementation of the project will be based on partnership between the public and private sectors, and this project is the first of its kind, as the King Hussein Bridge is the only land crossing between Jordan and the Palestinian territories.

The ministry indicated that only qualified applicants will be able to receive the bidding document to participate in the second and final stage of the selection process.

The ministry noted that the principle of the new project will be to separate the movement of passengers from freight completely, as the project will contain buildings for passengers (arrivals and departures), car parks, buildings and yards for trucks (import and export), in addition to providing the project with all utilities, infrastructure works and necessary equipment.

According to the ministry, the project will enhance trade exchange between the two countries and reduce waiting and inspection times for passengers and freight alike.

She pointed out that it is estimated that the number of users of the project, whether passengers or trucks, within the first phase of the project will be 4 million passengers and more than 182,000 trucks.

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